成立沿革 Mission Statement


To keep up with the imperative of internationalization, Minghsin University of Science and Technology first started recruiting international students in 2008. In August of the same year, Chinese Language Teaching Center was founded under the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to provide international students with Mandarin courses so that they could better integrate into a new culture and a new learning environment. With our dedication to teaching and caring, international students have grown rapidly, from 5 at the beginning of establishment to more than 450 so far, coming from Southeast Asia (Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia), South Korea, Japan, and other countries, studying in graduate, undergraduate, joint dual-degree, and industry-academia collaboration programs.


Our main mission is to develop international students’ general Chinese communication ability, to combine Chinese learning with professional expertise, to introduce both Chinese and Taiwanese culture, and to facilitate ethnic harmony and multi-cultural exchanges. To that purpose, we create excellent learning environment with diverse and innovative courses. We believe that living and doing is the best way to learn a language. so in addition to classroom activities, we organize field trips like visiting National Palace Museum, cultural experiences like writing Chinese calligraphy, and language competition activities like singing and speech contests.


  We boast professional instructors, exceptional teaching facilities and software resources, and beautiful campus grounds. The Center’s entire faculty has worked together to create an excellent Mandarin learning environment. Furthermore, with reasonable living expenses, friendly people, and a diversity of different cultures here in Hsinchu, where we are located, we are sure to be the best choice for learning Mandarin.



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