保險 Insurance

  1. 健保資訊 National Health Insurance


Those who have an ARC AND have been staying in Taiwan for consecutive 6 months can apply for the National Health Insurance (you may leave Taiwan once for less than 30 days; the days you stay in Taiwan shall be exactly 6 months in total, the days you are out of Taiwan excluded).   


  • 持居留證至居住所在地的區公所 (市公所) 辦理加保。Go to the Administration Division of your resident area for the insurance sheet with your ARC.
  • 持「居留證」、「加保單」及「兩吋照片一張」,至中央健保局北區業務組辦理健保IC卡。Go to the Bureau of National Health Insurance for the Insurance IC card with your ARC, insurance sheet and one photo (2 inches).


The Bureau of National Health Insurance:

  1. 意外保險 Accident Insurance

於本中心就讀之學生,中心亦將協助投保意外醫療保險,此保險自每學季開學當日起生效,三個月為一期,以保險公司報價為準(約每季NTD 1500)。欲投保者,請於註冊當日同時辦理投保;如欲續保,請於當期課程最後一週向本中心辦公室洽詢。

Accident insurance is also provided for the students enrolled at CLTC. The accident insurance comes valid on the first day of each quarter for the duration of 3 months as the regular term. The insurance fee depends on the statement by insurance company (about NTD 1500/quarter). Those who would like to have the insurance shall apply for it on the registration day; to continue the insurance, please apply for it within the last week of each semester.

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