上課須知Attendance Regulation

  1. 上課時間:每節課五十分鐘,兩節課之間休息十分鐘。

     Class time: Each class is 50 minutes long with a 10-minute break in between.

  1. 遲到:上課遲到逾二十分鐘者,需填寫請假單,否則該節以缺課論。若老師遲到,則需負責補課。

     Students who are late for twenty minutes need to ask for leave; otherwise it will be counted as absence. Teachers who are late have to make up the missed class time.

  1. 假日:本中心放假日依照行政院人事行政總處所公告之行事曆辦理,國定假日一律放假。

     There is no class on national holidays, which are announced by the Central Personnel Administration of Executive Yuan.

  1. 停課:若遇颱風、地震、或其他天然災害、空襲警報等人力無法控制之事件時,本中心將依據政府指示停課,並擇期公告補課

     The office will follow the instruction of the Hsinchu Government to decide whether the class will be suspended when there is a typhoon, an

     earthquake or other events that are out of human control, such as a natural disasters or an air raid. And the CLTC will arrange a make-up class another day.

  1. 按中華民國勞動部「勞動力發展署」之規定,華語生須修習華語課程滿一年以上方得申請工作證。


勞動力發展署Workforce Development Agency:

According to the Workforce Development Agency, foreign students cannot work in Taiwan without a working permit. Students are qualified to apply for the permit after consecutive study for one year here at the center. Anyone who is found working illegally will be disqualified for his/her VISA status.

  1. 學員之學籍如有任何變更〔如:未報到、休退學、退費等〕,本中心將知會相關單位〔如:教育部、外交部領事事務局、內政部移民署〕。

The CLTC will notify the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration Office if there is any change in students’ enrollment status (such as registration not completed, withdrawing from the class/getting refund, etc.).

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