請假 Leave of Absence    

  1. 學生遇事無法出席上課,務必填寫請假單」(點擊下載),並經任課老師簽名後繳交至辦公室存查;請假時數亦列入缺課時數。學生上課遲到超過二十分鐘視同缺課,需填寫請假單。

     Students who cannot come to class should fill out the "Request for Leave" form(Click to download), and give it back to the office with the signature of his/her class instructor. Every class missed will be counted into absence hours whether asking for leave in advance or not.

  1. 學生缺課(含請假) 總時數不得超過整學期上課時數的25%。(12週課程總授課時數為180小時,缺課(含請假) 最高不得超過45小時),領有獎學金之學生亦同。

    Students cannot miss more than 25% of total class hours in a term (45 hours for 12-week course with 180 hours). The rule also applies to scholarship students.

  1. 缺課時數超過規定者,本中心得視實際情況取消其學生資格,亦不接受該生下期之入學申請。

    Students who do not meet the regulated attendance hours can be deprived of his/her student status at the center, and his/her application for the following term will not be accepted.

  1. 缺課時數超過規定者,不發予結業證書

     The certificate will not be issued to students who don’t meet the regulated attendance hours.

  1. 學生應自己留意簽證時效、出缺席情況,若因缺課問題而導致無法辦理居留證或延長簽證,或因此影響臺灣獎學金受獎權益,學生須自行負責。

     Students should take full responsibility if their absence causes any trouble to their visa or ARC or scholarships.

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