退費Refund Policy

  1. 開課前申請退費者,退還已繳學費90%。

Students who file a refund application after the payment is made and before the course starts are entitled to a 90% refund of the tuition.

  1. 自實際上課之日起,未逾全期授課時數三分之一申請退費者,退還已繳學費50%

Students who file a refund application before the first third of the course are entitled to a refund of 50% of the tuition.

  1. 自實際上課之日起,已逾全期授課時數三分之一者,不得申請退費

There will be no refund after the first third of the course.

  1. 若招生不足或其他非歸咎於學員之事由,因此無法開課,無息退還已繳費用。

If the class is not open because of low enrollment or other reasons that has nothing to do with students, all the paid fees will be refunded.

  1. 除上述原因無法開課之班別外,報名費概不退還或保留。

Application fee will not be refunded except for the situation mentioned above in Point 4..

  1. 申請退費之學員須於截止日當日16:00前,攜帶下列文件「親自」至華語文教學中心辦公室辦理。

Refund application shall be filed by 16:00 of the deadline. Please submit the following application documents to the CLTC office in person

  1. 申請退費所需文件    Refund application documents:

    (1)退費申請書(現場填寫)    Application form (filling out the form on site)

    (2)繳費證明(收據)正本   original receipt

    (3)學生證正本   original CLTC student ID card

    (4)身分證、護照或居留證影本   The photocopy of ID card/passport/ARC

    (5)本人存摺封面影本(帳號及分行名稱須清晰)  The photocopy of the cover page of the applicant’s bank account book (which shall clearly indicate the bank’s branch’s name and the account number)

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