• 註冊與分班測驗 Registration and Placement Test


Complete your registration at the Chinese Language Learning Center (4F, Hong Chao Building ) on the day of orientation.

請備妥以下資料Provide the following:

  1. 護照及證件照片三張(已寄過照片者不需要再提交)   Passport and 3 ID photos (not needed for those who have already turned in photos)
  1. 填寫註冊單                                                                           Fill in the registration form
  2. 進行分班考試                                                                       Placement test
  3. 購買教材、繳交學費。                                                       Purchase class materials and pay for registration. 
  4. 開始上課                                                                              Start of Classes


Purchase class materials and pay for registration.

(Only NTD cash is accepted)

 (申請入學許可證明者另須繳交NTD 300元手續費)  (Those applying for an enrollment certificate need to pay for an additional NTD 300 processing fee.)

※辦理報到手續時間:上午-AM 9:00~10:00;下午- PM 13:00~14:00

※Office hours for registration: morning classes AM 9:00-10:00; afternoon classes PM 13:00-14:00

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