明新科技大學華語文教學中心簡介 About Us


Minghsin University of Science and Technology, established in 1966, has 4 collages, 10 institutes, 20 departments, and over 13000 students including more than 1000 international students. The Chinese Language Teaching Center was founded in 2008, and approved by the Ministry of Education as a qualified Chinese Language Education Institute in 2018. We aim to provide an excellent environment for anyone interested in Chinese learning. We encourage interactions between international and local students for higher language proficiency, better cross-cultural skills, and greater intellectual growth.


優質的學習環境Excellent Learning Environment


We provide high quality facilities and equipment for the best learning experience.

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專業師資與課程Top Instructors


Our instructors are either certified by the Ministry of Education as professional Chinese language teachers or equipped with master’s/ doctorate degrees in Chinese teaching. They design a variety of learning activities for students to learn from doing and playing. While immersing in our lively courses, students improve both language proficiency and cultural understanding.

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課程設計多元客製化Diverse and Customized Courses


Aside from professional language courses, the Center also provides a diverse repertoire of cultural courses to add a more hands-on experience in Chinese culture for our students. We can also design courses to better meet students’ needs.


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